Here's how one FRG recently hosted a battalion-level meeting with a "Paper Hug" theme.  Check out lots of fun ideas for this theme at Pinterest: A Paper Hug FRG Meeting!

The childcare team read a book titled, "A Paper Hug" to the kids.  It's a must-have book for military kids.  You can view it here on  A Paper Hug by Stephanie Skolmoski.

After reading and discussing the book, all children created paper hugs from construction paper and yarn to send to their Soldiers.  Adults assisted the kids in measuring their 'wingspan' and cut yarn to match.  The kids traced and cut out the shape of each of their hands then taped it all together to create a paper hug.

The kids were able to write on and decorate their paper hugs and write on a pre-printed letter for their Soldier.  The text of the letter comes directly from the book:
Here, a volunteer helps measure the length of one child's 'hug' to create his paper hug for his Soldier.
After creating paper hugs and decorating the letters to their Soldiers, the kids were able to write and draw on a "Paper Hug" banner to be sent downrange to the Soldiers.
While the kids were participating in all the paper hug fun, the FRG meeting went on in the adjoining room.  The agenda included a letter from the downrange commander, update from forward, photo slide show of Soldiers in action, OPSEC information from the brigade rear detachment commander, and break-outs into small groups (by battery/company).  Adults were informed of what their kids were doing and encouraged to also add a note to Soldiers on the banner.


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